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Seel Return Assurance & Guaranteed Delivery

Return Assurance

✔ Flexible Returns

Return for any reason if your purchase doesn’t go as planned just add Seel Return Assurance at checkout.

✔ Peace of Mind

Complete purchase knowing you can return non-refundable items.

✔ Full Refunds

Return any item within 7 days of delivery for full refund.

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Guaranteed Delivery

✔ Compensation for Delay

Stay worry-free with compensation for both domestic and international package delivery delays.

✔ Loss Coverage

Rest easy knowing that if your order is lost you will be compensated for the actual item(s) value paid.

✔ Damage Protection

Be at ease knowing damaged items will be fully compensated for their value.

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Shop with Confidence and Peace of Mind!

Add both Seel Return Assurance and Guaranteed Delivery services on your every checkout.