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Tory Burch isn't just a brand; it's a fashion phenomenon that's all about unique styles and top-notch craftsmanship. From its humble beginnings in 2004, when Tory Burch herself launched it, to its current status as a global fashion powerhouse, this brand has stolen the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere. With its mix of classic shapes, funky prints, and vibrant colors, Tory Burch has built a fan base that stretches across the globe. 

Here's a cool tidbit: Before Tory Burch started her own brand, she cut her teeth in the fashion world by working at big names like Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang. So, when she finally launched Tory Burch, she was armed with not just great style but also invaluable experience. 

But with great fame comes a pesky problem: counterfeiters trying to ride on Tory Burch's coattails. That's why it's essential for fashion lovers to know how to spot the real deal and avoid getting duped by fakes. Our guide is here to help you spot an authentic Tory Burch, so buckle up for an enlightening journey. 


Logo and Branding 

The Tory Burch logo isn't just a design; it's a badge of authenticity. Tory Burch herself handpicked it from a whopping 200 options, aiming for something that people would proudly flaunt on their outfits. 

The logo is clean, sleek, and uppercase, with two "T"s cleverly twisted into a cross. It's often paired with the designer's name in a sans-serif font, giving off a modern and sophisticated vibe. You'll see the Double T symbol in different colors, depending on where it's used, like on shoes, clothes, or bags. 

When you're on the hunt for an authentic Tory Burch bag, the logo is your best buddy. Genuine Tory Burch bags will have a logo that's sharp and consistent. The font, size, and spacing should match the official Tory Burch style guide. If the logo looks wonky or fuzzy, it's probably a fake. 



The hardware on Tory Burch bags is like the cherry on top – it adds that extra touch of class. It's usually gold or silver-toned, and Tory Burch sticks to using one metal tone throughout each bag to keep things looking sleek. 

Keep an eye out for hardware stamped with the Tory Burch logo. Real Tory Burch bags will have zippers and clasps proudly showing off the brand's logo. For example, you might spot the iconic double T logo stamped on a zipper pull, showcasing Tory Burch's signature style. If the hardware doesn't have the logo or it looks off, it could be a fake. 



If there's one thing Tory Burch doesn't skimp on, it's stitching. The stitching on real Tory Burch bags is straight, even, and spaced out perfectly, showing off the brand's attention to detail. 

The thread color is also crucial. It should match the color of the bag, unless there's contrast stitching for a specific style. Consistent thread color makes the bag look polished and high-quality. If the stitching looks sloppy or the thread color is off, it might be a fake. 


Leather and Canvas 

Tory Burch bags are all about quality materials like leather and canvas. Knowing what these materials should look and feel like can help you spot a fake. 

Check out the leather used on the bag. Tory Burch loves using Saffiano leather because it's tough, scratch-resistant, and has a cool cross-hatch pattern. The corners of the bag should be smooth, and the leather should smell like the real deal, not like plastic. 

Tory Burch also makes bags out of canvas and nylon. Real Tory Burch canvas bags feel sturdy and have a consistent texture. The design pattern should be crisp and clear, without any blurriness or fading. If the bag feels cheap or the pattern looks off, it might be fake. 


Inside Label 

Real Tory Burch bags have a label inside with all the important info. It usually says where the bag was made, a serial number, and other details. 

The label should be easy to read and perfectly aligned. Look out for misspellings or weird stuff on the label – that's a big sign it might be fake. Most Tory Burch bags are made in China, so if it says anything else, it could be a fake. So, make sure to double-check if the country that is stated is listed as place where Tory Burch has factories. 


Serial Number 

Every real Tory Burch bag has a unique serial number that proves it's legit. This number should match the one on the packaging or tag that comes with the bag. If the numbers don't match up, it could be a fake. 

It's important to note that serial number formats and placements may vary over time, so it’s really important to make thorough verification during the authentication process. When in doubt, cross-check the serial number with official Tory Burch records or you may contact customer service for verification can provide peace of mind.  


Paper Tag and Model Information 

When you buy a Tory Burch bag, it comes with a paper tag that has some important info on it. The tag is made of sturdy paper and usually has the Tory Burch logo on it. Look out for a hologram on the tag – it should be shiny and slightly raised to the touch. If it's flat and dull, the bag might be fake. 

In addition to the paper tag, the model information that comes with it is another valuable tool for authentication. This document provides specific details about the bag, including its size, color, serial number, and sometimes a QR code. Carefully inspect the model information, checking for any misspellings or inconsistencies in the written information. Tory Burch are meticulous in their documentation, so any errors or discrepancies can indicate a fake piece.   


Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to make wise and knowledgeable decisions when buying your sought-after Tory Burch piece. So, go forth and shop confidently, knowing you have the skills to spot the real deal. And when you find the real deal, you'll know you've got a piece of fashion history in your hands – something that's both stylish and top-quality.